Wednesday, 17 July 2013

City summer style for a Staycation!

So, because of the scorching summer weather you’ve decided to enjoy a staycation. But while almost everyone you know is too busy packing to come and enjoy the summer weather, you have nothing to dress up for. Never fear- a staycation is all about discovering the area you’ve lived in… as a tourist. So, dust of that suitcase and grab those sunnies, you’re off on holiday.

But what really is city summer style? It’s all about looking effortlessly cool which is easier said than done in some temperatures. A picnic is usually the first thing people think of when summer arrives, so this should be your first day trip. Grab the dog, a picnic basket full of finger food and a friend and head down to a local country park. (However if you take the car you can almost pretend you’re on the way to the airport!) Picnics involve long periods of time out in the blazing heat so a floaty maxi dress like this is perfect to keep you cool. 

At the picnic you bumped into your old neighbours who have invited you round for a BBQ tomorrow! BBQ’s are popular in summer and it’s no wonder as they combine great food and great company. But you haven’t got long, so grab your flipflops and hop to Next to pick up this scorcher! It will keep you cool in the afternoon heat but put this jacket  in your bag to keep you warm when the chilly wind picks up and you can stay out chatting in the garden even longer!

As the hottest day of the year approaches you need a new way to keep cool and ice lolly’s just aren’t going to cut it. A water fight is in order and so is a new bikini. A strapless one like this is perfect! It avoids those ugly tan lines but provides support just where it’s needed, plus the contrasting colours and design means it keeps attention away from those undesirable areas.  So you can concentrate on having fun in the sun!

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