Monday, 2 September 2013

Still in holiday mode

I'm finally back! I did write a few posts while I was away but the wifi was so bad sadly none of them got published. But I did day dream about my blog... a lot. I was sad I had to miss an alphabet challenge and on a great week as well but I needed a break, hopefully I'll have the post up in time to participate in this weeks. 

The full travel story and recap will be up within the week, especially as I have a new laptop coming tomorrow! I can't tell you how excited I am- the laptop I have had since I was 14 has had the blue screen of death for well over a year now which basically means it shuts down every so often and results in a lot of errors. Blogging with a max of 2 tabs open is such a nightmare that the hall computer has been my savior. I'm so glad that it will all be over tomorrow.

Yesterday we visited the Chatsworth show, which only comes once every 4 ish years, so more pictures will be up soon. Today we headed to crystal peaks so I can have a play on the laptop and then we managed to tick the final few things off of my need for uni list. It's now less than a month till I officially move into halls and I just bought the freshers pass this morning! I am ready to see the Doritos band, Kids in glass houses, Professor Green and many more. Then I headed up to Nans to drop off some perfume and a photo of all of the children on our holiday in a tunisian photo frame. It was lovely in Tunisia, except a few minor things and so I would definitely love to go again. 
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