Tuesday, 29 October 2013

All settled in

I have officially been at university for a whole month! And I've spent almost £300 is that bad? No, because I've spent that amount in the process of having fun!! The last few weekends I have either been with Luke, visiting home or in London, and this weekend won't be any different- Luke is coming up for the halloween party and an early bonfire night. Even though its only been days since I've last seen him. 

Lets start with Wednesdays: Every wednesday I've been here we (the flatmates) have travelled to Newcastle under Lyme for a spot of shopping, and so this appears to be where I've been going wrong with my budget! Or it might have something to do with the 7 new pairs of shoes I ordered online! Last wednesday was also one of my flatmates birthday, so after some pre-drinks (where I discovered Jack Daniels) we headed to the su. Unfortunately only about 3 of us actually made it inside as the others were too drunk to be allowed in!

And of course there was the 999 party...