Monday, 14 October 2013

Life lately

To say I've had nothing to do would be a lie, but to say I didn't have enough time to do it in is an even bigger lie. I have been busy living it up as a student. No, I haven't been to anymore parties since freshers but I have been having a take out tea most of the time. I am so scared of gaining the freshers 15 (lbs) that its beginning to force me to actually cook. I've been to all the lectures and tutorials but finding friends in the law lectures is difficult because you're sat next to someone new each time but the first tutorial is tomorrow so that should make it sooo much easier. I haven't had chance to take many pictures, mostly because I've hardly been anywhere since the other week when I ventured with my flatmates to the shopping centre.

During the last week Luke came up to visit for a few days, I loved having him here! Even if he did spam my phone with pictures and a very long video.

Last weekend I headed home (on the train with Caitlin) to surprise Mum, Kiera and Luke. We had a great day shopping saturday and a lazy day sunday. Luke told me he wasn't sure I was really here when he woke up, which was amazing for him to be so honest. We got up early to watch the Japenese formular 1 but I slept the whole way through it, (and he did a little too) so we got to have a cuddle. It was a little hard to get back into the uni routine when I came back especially because my room was supposed to be cleaned the very next day (today)! 

I really missed everyone but I loved being home, Nana even came up twice !

And I made sure to leave Luke a lovely couple of notes. 

Rawr means I love you in dinosaur
This weekend is Luke's birthday and Mum and Kiera have headed to spain for a week, so I get to spend a whole weekend alone with Luke. I seriously can't wait. Although I'm dreading it at the same time because after that I don't know when I will next see him.