Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Thor: the dark world. Special fan preview in Greenwich!

Last tuesday I won 2 tickets to go and see a special fan preview of Thor: The Dark World in Greenwich

"Fans will be treated to a midnight reception in the magnificent Painted Hall at the Old Royal Naval College – a key location used within the film – before being some of the first in the UK to see the new movie from Marvel Studios, the creators of this year’s blockbuster sensation, Iron Man 3 and one of the biggest films of all time, Marvel’s Avengers Assemble. The film will begin at 1am – the exact moment that clocks around the UK are turned back one hour plunging UK nights back into darkness."

So on friday Me and Luke travelled to London, and did all of the touristy things during the day like...
Walking the Jubilee walkway                   
Visiting Canary Wharf

Taking selfies outside Big Ben
Seeing the London Eye

And just generally visiting everything (and yes, even the museums)

And then finally we went to the Painted Hall at the Old Royal Naval College, ate cupcakes and drank wine before taking selfies and other random pictures. We were then lead to the Picturehouse to see the film. Luke absolutely loved it and I'm so glad we got the opportunity to go! It was an amazing first weekend in London, and I'm sure it won't be our last!