Thursday, 7 November 2013

Christmas gifts... the student version

So you might have guessed that I'm now a student for what (I hope) is the last time in my life. I'm not just any student. I'm a  u-n-i-v-e-r-s-i-t-y  student, and as you may well know they are notorious for being cheap saving money. 

Here's my simple Christmas gift guide for those on a budget...

For the Flatmates...
Baked goods like cookies or buns are always a hit. You haven't known them long enough to make a grand gesture of appreciation and its always best to avoid giving an expensive gift- especially as its unlikely you'll receive one back. 
Extra brownie points if: you make them in their favourite colour or to look like their favourite animal

For the Boyfriend...
Aim for something sports/ alcohol related and you can't go far wrong. Funny (and cheap gifts) like a potty putty is something they'll love and use without leaving them feeling disappointed. We're all big kids at heart.
Extra brownie points if: you make something. Even little coupon books are better and more useful than you think. This is the gift everyone tends to go overboard with so set a budget and stick to it. If there's something you are just SO sure he'll love try every discount site possible to get it at a more reasonable price. There's always using websites like pointshop which you can exchange points for discount vouchers. 

For the Parents...
The trick here is to make it look thought out yet useful. Try combining something you know they'll want or need, (for if they've taken up gardening in your absence try getting a cheap metal trowel and engraving it with your message) and incorporate it into a theme. So maybe create a gardening hamper (out of a shoe box) with the engraved trowel, some seeds (they are a lot cheaper than flowers) and a small decorated plant pot (with some goggly eyes). 
Extra brownie points if: you can manage to incorporate something immediately useful (like chocolate or some playing cards) into the hamper.

For the Siblings..
If there's a lot of them its probably a lot easier and cheaper to get them something personally related and then wrap up a small bucket of sweets. As sweets can be found cheaply anywhere.
Extra brownie points if: You are prepared and shop for thee discounted gift sets after Christmas or take advantage of the 3 for 2 most shops run in early November.

For the Grandparents..
Most Grandparents like roughly the same thing, so create them a hamper each. You can buy things like after 8 mints in big quantities from poundland and can distribute them between the hampers. This can be done with a lot of items and you're only paying half as much. 
Extra brownie points if: You can find and print (or even better take a new) picture of all the grandchildren and frame it. They'll love anything family-related and home made. 

And for everyone else...
Give some of your left over baked goods and a nice Christmas card.

Extra brownie points if: you sign the card with "love from" not just "from".