Tuesday, 25 June 2013

... was my 18th Birthday!

Even Google wished me happy 18th birthday!
It started around 10:58 and the question "how much longer?" was repeated around 6 times. I couldn't help it! Even though I wasn't officially an adult until 11:53pm even though there was a leap year I was so excited. So excited in fact that all the presents that had been staring at me for days on end looked like they had been torn open by a bear by about 12:05am. And Mum may have got a nice 12 Am wake up call... she wasn't impressed but I did warn her.

I ended up watching 3 more episodes of Bones before I wrestled myself from Luke's arms and dragged myself to bed. after being grumbled at by Mum for not stopping the Dog from barking when I was already awake. Luke decided he was a bit of a joker since I asked for a card but more on that tomorrow.
Happy 18th Birthday to me :)

Banners were everywhere- thanks Mum!

I decided I would rather make a cake then buy one and so asked Kiera and Luke to help. It was rather delicious to say it was the first time we'd made/ tried red velvet cake.

Luke wrote my name in icing <3

My homemade red velvet birthday cake

Mini ice cream sundae cake

I had a great day and got some amazing presents! I may have also drank a bottle and had a nice nap- although the 7 hours sleep is probably more to blame than the alcohol. I'll upload some pics after my birthday BBQ on saturday! And incase you were wondering... no it doesn't feel any different.

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