Friday, 28 June 2013

... I skipped a couple of days

Relaxing in the hammock
I know, I know. I've skipped a couple of days but the truth is with finishing the articles, sending in another article for aquazzurra and my daily 4-6pm nap I haven't done much. Yesterday though I hopped onto a bus (after waiting 30 minutes!) and met Luke and his friend Kieran in town. We headed to Abacus where I bought my very first a blue VK (which Luke told me was invented in a shed  in Chesterfield but I'm not convinced) and ate the ice cream from his chocolate fudge cake. I then dragged us on a very long walk to Matalan in my new shoes (I think the 5 blisters the size of mangos talk for themselves) to change a dress that wasn't even in stock. You could say Luke slightly showed off and tried to push me beyond the limits so by that time I just wanted to go home. I also really wanted a disk gun (to avenge the multiple bullets fired at me from the nerf gun) we saw so with only minutes before the bus came he sprinted all the way and got us one each :) It was obviously the first thing we played with when we got home, it was then nap time while Lukesky played saints row 2 before heading out to his friends birthday. As usual I got loads of sweet texts and about 6 different marriage proposals :D which I absolutely love and cannot wait till prom to get absolutely drunk!
Should I save Luke the last chocolate?
I saved Luke the last chocolate

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