Thursday, 19 September 2013

Clothes > Textbooks

I've just spent £38 on some new clothing but how come I refuse to spend the same amount on university textbooks that I'll definitely need? But because I did a m-a-s-s-i-v-e cleanout of my wardrobe the other day, I think I need to restock. Seriously I cleared 3 binbags full, 4 if you include my shoes. This shopping for uni habit is really starting to get out of control, I've not only got back-up supplies of things like soap, I've even reached the point of having back-up back up things! I'm also now forcefully escorted out of the home and stationary isles of every shop we enter by either Mum or Kiera. Luke usually just sighs and asks if I can't wait till I get there to get the cutlery holder, well because by then Lukey it will be too late. 

Some really great clothes at!
Last night I ordered 100 photos for Nan for only the postage (like £3) and so obviously had to get some for myself, which is when I discovered a) I needed another photo album and b) me and Luke only have 44 photos taken together. 44 from 4 years of togetherness is ridiculous, I mean I take that many just photographing an outfit or on a day out. Its like taking one photo every month! (Well, 33 days). It's now my mission to drag him out into the garden with the rtrivr for some photos before I leave. Did anyone get a rtrivr? If so, how's it going?

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